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Organic fertilizers: benefits, types and nutrients they provide

Today we are talking about organic fertilizers. Did you know that these types of fertilizers have been used for a long time to increase the fertility of crop fields, improve their properties and develop the best yield? Therefore we are going to dedicate this article to them … The manures are clearly extraordinary options of organic fertilizers for their important

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Organic Fertilizers, What are they?

The urgent needs for dicreasing the dependence on chemical products on the different crops, is forcing the farmers to search for reliable and sustainable alternatives. Along the organic farming, this kind of fertilizers are really important, and every time more, on conventional farming. We can’t avoid the great importance that improving different physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.

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New product: HORSE COMPOST

INFERTOSA starts the new year presenting a new product: The “HORSE COMPOST”, a balanced mixture of horse manure compost and black peat which improves soil microbial activity and thus favours the development and growth of plants. A sanitized and stabilized product, obtained by aerobic biological decomposition (including thermophilic phase) of manure, with or without addition of plant materials, and under

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