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(Español) Hacer un huerto urbano para verduras y hortalizas

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. En artículos anteriores explicamos como plantar especias y plantas aromáticas en nuestro huerto urbano. ¿Te acuerdas? Como sabemos que te gustó, hoy vamos a complicarlo un

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Stand of Infertosa at Iberflora 2021

After the year of pause that we’ve all suffered, this edition of Iberflora 2021 has finished. A special year in which we want to thank the support of our clients and all those who have been able to stop by the stand, thank you very much. We will be waiting for you next year with more new additions!    

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How to take care of my orchids

Orchid care Orchids are one of the most beautiful indoor plants. That is why we must give them special treatment. To avoid making mistakes when taking care of them, we will explain what we should and what we should not do. As we have said before, these are plants that people tend to like the most when it comes to

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Tips for the care of Cactus & Crases

How do you take care of your cactus and succulents? Every day these types of plants are increasingly present in the decoration of both homes, offices and gardens. Their different shapes and shades of green make them ideal for any space. Another advantage of cacti and succulents is that all kinds of people can take care of them, both plant

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NEW DISPLAYS: “We Love Gardening”


NEW CIEMHUS INDOOR PLANTS SUBSTRATE Infertosa presents this new substrate with a semi-thick structure and a high content of perlite, for better oxygenation and aeration of the roots, and with the necessary fertilizer for the first weeks of cultivation, making this substrate the ideal substrate for planting and transplanting all kinds of green indoor plants such as Arecas, Striped dracaenas, or

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Hydroseeding What is it?

Many times when we hear this word hydroseeding we don’t know what it means. If that’s the case with you, this article will be great for you… What is hydroseeding? -This technique consists in the projection on the ground of an aqueous mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizers and adherent substances. Hydroseeding is a technique that is easy to apply on

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