Get started with an urban garden


It is not necessary to have a house in the country, with an immense land where to plant all kinds of vegetables or herbs, a good way to start in our little apartment or town house is by using any corner of our balcony or terrace.

We can start with our garden being a small urban garden, planting all kinds of spices and aromatic herbs is a good option to brighten up our balconies and terraces as well as our dishes.

Something that at first may seem expensive or complicated, but the reality is just the opposite, if you know how to do it, it will give you as much satisfaction as you can imagine at a very little cost. But before getting started, it’s necessary to list all what we need so that everything goes perfectly.

For the selection of the aromatic herbs which we are going to plant, additionally to the available space we have, another relevant factor which we need to consider is to choose the plants that suit best our climate, to ensure that everything will go well. For example, if we are in the Mediterranean climate zone, the most suitable herbs would be rosemary, thyme or sage, since they require little water and are not very demanding with it, this makes them to adapt well to periods without rain. If we are beginners, we will start by covering the fewest possible seeds and those that require the simplest care.


These herbs need abundant hours of sunlight, so we will put them in the place of the house where they can get it or we will move them as the sun changes, there are also pot kits in the market with fertilizers and even the seeds that we want for a simple initial start-up.

There is a wide variety of aromatic herbs that could interest you, such as parsley, basil or coriander in case our purpose is to add a special touch to our dishes or lavender if what we are looking for is an herb that provides colour and a smell to our small garden.

We hope you liked our advice on urban gardens. Stay tuned,  we will talk about this topic again.


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