How to take care of my orchids

Orchid care

Orchids are one of the most beautiful indoor plants.
That is why we must give them special treatment. To avoid making mistakes when taking care of them, we will explain what we should and what we should not do.

As we have said before, these are plants that people tend to like the most when it comes to planting indoors.
But since they are not easy to care for, some people end up backing down.
In this article we will summarize the care tips and the typical mistakes that are made when taking care of them.

Point 1: Location

This is one of the most important points,

Este es uno de los puntos mas importantes, since if we do not choose the site correctly, it is most likely that our flowers will not survive.
Which is the right locations? To find out this we will get a little technical.

– The ideal temperature is between 16º and 30º C
– Humidity between 60% and 90%
– It must have a lot of light, but without burning

With these data we can choose a side that is good, now we go to another very important point.




Point 2: Watering the orchids.

If you want to take good care of your flowers you will have to take into account the procedures when watering. One trick is that orchids in clear pots should only be watered when the interior is still foggy.

A curiosity is that these plants usually absorb moisture from the environment by themselves, so you don’t have to go overboard with the water.

Orchids are not watered like other plants, doing this is a serious mistake.
Another tip is to look at the roots, if they are white they need water.


Point 3: Inadequate Substrate

The substrate is important for orchids. A common misconception that some people come to believe is that orchids are plants that grow in oak or peat soil. But remember that most orchids live in trees and therefore do not go on land. They only use a substrate that is easy to drain and dry.

On our website you will find the best substrate for your plants, CIEMHUS ORCHIDS.


Point 4: Excess of fertilizer

This is a very common mistake. Sometimes we buy some very pretty orchid flowers, but as time passes we no longer see it bloom.
The fertilizer is to promote flower growth. But if we put more than indicated, it causes burns on the leaves due to the excess of minerals in the plant.


We are glad you made it to the end. We hope this information helps you to take good care of your orchids. We will continue talking about this issue on another time …
Until next time !!


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