Transplanting orchids into glass vases

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Transplanting orchids into glass vases… the design in floral decoration is possible.

Today we want to present a topic that can be very helpful for all those who want to start in the world of orchids.

As your friends that we are, we want to help you to transplant your orchids, we will be accompanying you step by step.

Nowadays, both in florists and in garden centers, we can find indoor plants to grow in containers or glass vases. It is fashion, and they are also beautiful.

Not all indoor plants can be grown in this type of container, since they are watertight and do not have a drainage hole, but orchids respond very well in this type of cultivation if we do it correctly.

When you buy the orchids in your garden center they are in a small transparent plastic pot, the orchids, due to the type of root and the type of substrate, look very good in transparent containers, and the glass offers elegance and design since you will find countless types of shapes and styles.

One of the parts of the orchid that grows the most are the roots, if you see any roots growing above the substrate and outside the pot, you need an urgent pot change, additionally, the glass pots in which the orchids are sold could be more attractive.

Having said that, let’s go there!

Let’s get started:

In this case we are going to transplant some orchids into glass vases. This method can be a bit more complicated than others. But look what class and style they will have …

Impressive, isn’t it !?

If you follow our advice, your orchids will look perfect and you can decorate different corners of your home or office. Flowers are always perfect to give a touch of life and warmth, and orchids, if you take good care of them, you can always have them.

This is what you will need so that your Orchids can look beautiful:

1- Glass vases / pots.


2- Expanded clay or pine bark or gravel in this case to cover a good part of your vase.


3- A good substrate for Orchids. This is the most important thing, since orchids with a poor soil may die, due to not obtaining the necessary nutrients, natural humidity, optimal aeration and permeability in the root zone.


4- Some beautiful Orchids. Fundamental, isn’t it? You can find them in different colors and sizes. Choose the orchids depending on the environment in which they will be grown.



5- To really want these precious flowers to be pretty.

6- Finally, an exclusive fertilizer for orchids with all the necessary nutrients for these precious plants to last a long time. A balanced fertilizer formulated to provide the necessary nutrients for a powerful orchid flower induction.


Transplant of orchids

Having said that, we are going to proceed to plant our precious little plants.

The first thing we should do is thoroughly clean our glass vases.
To do this, the best we can do is wash them with boiling water or wash them with cold water and detergent and then apply a little alcoholic hydrogel.

Then we will let them dry completely before starting.

When we have them ready, we will put a layer of about 10 cm of absorbent expanded clay or stones or gravel. This will allow the orchids not to drown, have air, and drain the water.

After applying the first absorbent layer we proceed to level it as much as possible, so that aesthetically they look as attractive as possible.

When you have leveled the first layer, we will continue with the second, which must be a special substrate for orchids. Orchids cannot withstand excess root moisture. At Infertosa we have created the perfect substrate for orchids and you can find it in specialized garden centers, you just have to ask for our brand: CIEMHUS ORCHIDS.

We will put on a good layer.

After having laid the substrate for Orchids, we will proceed to level it as we did with the expanded clay.

Now what we must do is make a small space with our hands in the substrate so that the roots can fit.

We will remove the Orchid from the original pot. And very carefully, we will add it to the vase with the clay and the substrate that we have placed in the previous steps.


When we have done all this, we will add more substrate to cover the roots, but without pressing.

They should look something like this:


Now it only remains to enjoy your precious orchids. You can use them to decorate almost anywhere.

Remember! don’t water them too much.






We leave you a video with all the steps to transplant orchids to glass vases.