Organic fertilizers: benefits, types and nutrients they provide

Today we are talking about organic fertilizers.

Did you know that these types of fertilizers have been used for a long time to increase the fertility of crop fields, improve their properties and develop the best yield? Therefore we are going to dedicate this article to them …

The manures are clearly extraordinary options of organic fertilizers for their important contribution of nutrients; however, it is necessary to follow an appropriate procedure in its storage to avoid the loss of nutrients.

What organic fertilizers do is that these nutrients are released gradually and little by little so that crops and plants are well nourished until harvest.

Now that we have explained a bit about what organic fertilizers are, let’s mention a list of the advantages they have:

-They have the ability to form organic complexes with nutrients
– Increase water filtration
-Give greater production
-They are sustainable by the environment
-Higher residuality than chemical fertilizers
– They are a source of organic carbon
-Release carbon dioxide
-All essential elements for plants


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