Mulch… What is it? What does it do?

The application of Mulch in hydroseeding creates a blanket over the soil surface. Thus, it provides porosity, absorption and protection against erosion to promote a rapid germination of the seed.
The characteristic green color of this mulch is photodegradable, disappearing the effect after 48-72 hours. This green color serves as a tracer at the time of its projection by means of hidrosowers, avoiding excessive overlaps between passes and clearings, that would diminish the effectiveness of the hidrosowing.

¿What is Mulch?

Mulch is a protective ground cover.
There are many types of mulch, such as partially decomposed compost, bark waste, wood shavings, straw, shells, leaves, rice husks…
A good mulch supplies nutrients slowly to the soil as it decomposes.


¿What is the function of the Mulch?

-Protect the seeds from the birds.

-Provide organic matter to the soil.

-Preserve the surface structure of the soil

-Moderate the temperature.

-Retain humidity excellently.

– Improves the percentage of germination uniformly in all the projected surface.

– It stays in place until the vegetation is established.

– Absorbs rain energy.

– Helps to improve fertilization with biodegradable substances that are friendly to the environment.