At this point of the summer we continue with high temperatures and long days with many hours of sun. August is the time of harvest and planting both in the garden and in the garden, planting, transplanting and division of plants is still a necessary task to obtain flowers and vegetables in the coming months.

One of the most remarkable tasks is the pruning of trees and shrubs, to favor the appearance of flowers and fruits to the detriment of sprouting new branches, (which happens with winter pruning) so it is very convenient with trees that are very vigorous or sprout in excess.

The green pruning is done during the summer months, when the plants are not in rest period and it complements the dry winter pruning that takes place when the tree runs out of leaves and enters into a vegetative rest.

For pruning, appropriate pruning shears should be used, with clean cuts made diagonally, just above a well-placed bud. If they are large, they must be covered with suitable sealing products. In addition, we emphasize the fact that pruning is done to benefit the plant, always trying to maintain its balanced and beautiful overall aspect.

David Hurrion Summer fruit pruning Ryton Organic Garden – Photographer Jason Ingram.