Organic Fertilizers, What are they?

The urgent needs for dicreasing the dependence on chemical products on the different crops, is forcing the farmers to search for reliable and sustainable alternatives. Along the organic farming, this kind of fertilizers are really important, and every time more, on conventional farming.

We can’t avoid the great importance that improving different physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. On that direction, this kind of fertilizers is playing a key role.

With this fertilizers, we increase the takeover capacity of reaching to the different nutrients on the soil, the ones we would add later with mineral or inorganic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers have some properties, that produces some effects on the ground, increasing soil fertility . Basically acting throughout three different properties;

Los abonos orgánicos tienen unas propiedades, que ejercen unos determinados efectos sobre el suelo, que hacen aumentar la fertilidad de este. Básicamente, actúan en el suelo sobre tres tipos de propiedades:

– Physical properties.
• The organic fertilizer  due to its dark coulour, absorbs more sun radiations, soil’s temperature increases and nutrients can be absorbed easier.
• The organic fertilizer improves soil texture and structure, making clayey soils ligther and sandy soils more stable.
• Improve the soil’s permeability, modifying drainage and aeration.
•  Dicrease soil erosion, from wind and water.

• Increases water retention on the soil, so more water is absorbed when it rain sor it’s irrigated.

– Chemical properties.
• Organic Fertilizers improves the tampón power, the pH changes would be reduced along the different seasons.
• Increase the cationic Exchange capacity CEC, increasing fertility.

– Biological properties.
• The organic fertilizers favor aeration and oxygenation of the soil, thought there is more root activity and more aerobical microorganisms activity.
•  The organic fertilizers are a source of energy for microorganisms, so they multiply quickly.