Dermo-cosmetic Moor Mud: Mode of Use


It shall be applied through hot water baths, local poultice or cataplasms of peat, being the heat transmission beneficial to alleviate joints problems and for relaxation of muscles.

  • Thermal PelloidsMixing with therapeutic water of spa centres and applying either on normal temperature or heating up to 39-45ºC.

At regular bath tubs, spread a peat layer all over the body and remain for 20 minutes in hot water, 39-45 ºC, rinse the peat off and relax another 20 minutes covered with a warm blanket.

  • Face masks: Apply directly or after warming up to 40ºC, with a thick layer, around eyes and over all facial skin. Stay 20 minutes and after that clean with lukewarm water. There’s no after need of moisturizing creams, because peat mud is already moisturizing agent.
  • Hair treatmentTo alleviate the effects of seborrhoea on the scalp, wet the hair and apply directly over the scalp with a light massage. Stay with the product for 20 minutes on, then wash out with lukewarm water. It’s also possible to apply pre-heating the peat mud up to 45ºC
  • For feet and hands: To alleviate feet problems (swelling, arthrosis, etc.), apply peat on feet and wrap with a plastic bag before placing for 20 minutes into hot water (40-43ºC). This will activate blood circulation and reduce swelling. The same procedure can be used for hands.
  • Pedicure: Apply on feet, then keep feet directly in hot water for 20 minutes, wash out with lukewarm water. This will soften patches of hard skin and reduce dry skin.


IT’S RECOMMENDED TO PERFORM A LITTLE ALLERGY TEST ON A SMALL SKIN AREA BEFORE APPLYING THE PEAT. Sometimes may cause a slight itching when acting, without furhter complications. As the application of peat activates blood circulation, it is possible to observe redness on the skin which shall disappear within a few minutes.

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