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INFERTOSA is a company specializing in the supply of materials of organic origin for agriculture, nurseries and the environment, for it has extensive bogs (black peat) in Spain, with over 800-hectare and is provided in Sphagnum peat Baltic countries and cocopeat in India.

Infertosa has more than 150,000 m2 of facilities, 5,000 m2 of which are covered for the manufacture and supply of different products.


Hydroseeding is a technique that involves the projection onto the ground of a homogeneous mixture of seeds, mulches, fertilizers and soil stabilizers. The mixture obtained is projected on the ground through ....

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100% black peat, humic organic amendments, fertilizers Organominerals.

Our fertilizers are the best alternative to maintain a recommended level of humus in the soil ...

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Our casing peat for mushrooms is the perfect ally of fresh mushroom grower highest quality since its formulation is based on our own black peat bogs ...

The peat

INFERTOSA has its own peat over 800ha of surface located between Torreblanca and Cabanes, Castellón.

The excavation of peat is considering recommendations for conserving nature of the national park where the bog is located.

The excavation of peat is under water, so we do not change the water levels in the area.


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